In order to make Oregon State University as safe as possible, reporting of all accidents and/or near-miss incidents (for both employees and non-employees, such as students or visitors) is required within 24 hours. This includes:

For non-employees: Any accident or near miss that occurs to anyone on OSU controlled premises or at any OSU event or activity which is not on OSU premises.

For employees: Any accident or near miss either on OSU controlled premises, when traveling as a part of their work for OSU, or work-related illness for which the work is believed to be the primary cause of the illness.

Please report all accidents and near-miss incidents via the HR Advocate Public Incident Reporting Form within 24 hours (please note that the manager/supervisor should complete this form in cases of any employee incidents). The complete list of forms (including the HR Advocate Public Incident Reporting Form) is available here.

If medical attention is needed for an injured employee, additional forms will be needed for workers’ compensation purposes. For additional information on workers’ compensation and accident reporting, please see here or contact Heidi Melton in the Office of Insurance and Risk Management Services at or by phone at 541-737-2916.