Accident Reporting

The University requires that all accidents involving injury are formally reported within 24 hours on the OSU accident/illness webform linked below.  Please also provide a written report describing the accident/injury to the chair of the Departmental Safety Advisory Group. If a Worker's Compensation Claim is to be pursued, form SAIF 801 must also be completed and filed with the accident report form (important if medical services are rendered). See Paula Christie for more details.

Accident/Illness Reporting Webform (instructions)          Worker's Compensation Forms and Instructions (SAIF801)           

Incident and Unsafe Working Practice Reporting

To better inform safety policy within the Department of Chemistry, and to identify individuals flagrantly disregarding safety rules, the safety committee encourages the reporting of all potentially dangerous incidents occurring in connection to any research or teaching activity.  Likewise, ongoing working practices which in your opinion constitute a safety hazard should be reported immediately to the safety committee.  The nature of the incident/unsafe activity should be described in written form and sent via email to a relavant member of the safety committee (alternatively, if anonymity is required, a hard-copy of the account may be forwarded to a committee member via their mail box).