Instructor: Michael Burand

This is a 1 credit graded seminar course that will meet most Monday lunchtimes (noon-1:00pm, Wiegand 132) during Winter term.  Commercial chemical safety movies* will be viewed each week with group discussion on chemical safety issues and procedures specific to OSU.  The discussion will be prompted by short safety related quizzes.  Representatives from OSU's Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department will also be invited to speak on issues related to chemical safety in the work place.  Your grade for the course will be derived from scores in quizzes (50%) and a final written assignment (50%).

The "Elements of Safety"* film series featured in this course is produced by the Laboratory Safety Institute.

Schedule for Winter Term 2015 (subject to change)

Date (2015) Topic
Jan. 5

Orientation to Laboratory Safety: general considerations, use of personal protective equipment, material safety and data sheets (MSDS)

Introduction to OSU's Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Safety Board video: "Experimenting with Danger"

Jan. 12

guest speaker: Lance Jones (OSU, EH&S)

Presentation (pptx file): - fume hoods

Laboratory fume hoods: When and why fume hoods are used, how to operate and maintain fume hoods for maximum effectiveness

Jan. 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - University Holiday - no classes
Jan. 26

guest speaker: Lance Jones (OSU, EH&S) - part 2

Presentations (pptx files): chemical hazards & storage, OR-OSHA regs, hazardous waste

Chemical Waste: handling/storage and OR-OSHA regulatory requirements

Feb. 2

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): Reviews the various sections of the MSDS, what information can be found in each section and how this information can help employees as they go about their work

Flammables and Explosives:  proper handling procedures and personal protective equipment that should be used when working with flammables and explosives

 Feb. 9

Planning for Laboratory Emergencies: when and how employees should act in an emergency to prevent injury, property damage or even loss of life

Prevent Contamination: How contamination occurs and the steps that can be taken to prevent it's spread

Feb. 16

Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware: types of glassware used in laboratory, configuring of glassware systems, making proper connections, handling techniques and cleaning/decontamination

Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders: Identifying dangers posed by high pressure gas cylinders, positioning cylinders properly, storage "incompatibilities," fittings/connections

Feb. 23

Guest Speaker: Pete Schoonover (OSU, EH&S)

Tour of EH&S disposal facility

Mar. 2

No Class

Mar. 9 No Class - Final Assignments Due in