All new graduate students joining the Department of Chemistry attend a safety orientation training session (usually held during induction week of Fall term).  As part of the orientation, OSU safety rules #59 (general safety), #45 (classroom safety), and #60/81 (laboratory safety), are reviewed and participants provide a signed acknowledgement of their comprehension of these documents before beginning work.  A variety of safety guidelines are also introduced and a guide to safe instruction in laboratory classes is carefully reviewed. A hands-on fire extinguisher training exercise is also provided for first year graduate students.

Chemistry Safety Seminar - CH 407/607 - 010

All first year graduate research students are required to take CH607 (Section 010), a one-credit hour seminar course during winter term.  Click here for further details and an overview of the syllabus. Undergraduate students working in research laboratories may register for CH407 if required by their supervisors.

Other Safety Training

Personnel working in laboratories who do not take the course CH407/607 (typically non-graduate students) should complete the following online training courses found on the EH&S website.

• laboratory safety training in 8 modules: [LINK] (4 video clips, 97 min total running time)

• OSU fire extinguisher use: [LINK] (11 min video)

• hazard communication, SDS and the Global Harmonizing System (GHS): [LINK] (24 min video and quiz)

• hazardous waste training: [PDF] [QUIZ]